History of West U

July 7, 2016

Historical Houston | The Galleria/Uptown Area

This Houston Public Media video, although slightly lo...ong, is a fascinating look a the history of Houston's west side, as it transitioned from prairie and vegetable farms to the urban center known today as Uptown. 

The two best quotes...

  • In 1948, a local reported described the roads ...
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July 8, 2012

Seventy Years in the City of West U

Rudolph and Celestine Davriek of West University PlaceSeventy years in the City of West U!  Wow!

What a lovely article this is about West U in general and Rudolph and Celestine Davrilek in particular.  This couple has lived in West U for seventy years now - long before most of our trees, houses, streets and other common landmarks ...

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Sept. 18, 1997

JMH Market - Best Neighborhood Grocery

JMH SupermarketWest University Place is, in many ways, still a small town...  even though we are surrounded by one of the country's major metropolises.  JMH Market is a part of our small town ambiance, as the following article from the Houston Press demonstrates:

September 18, 1997

JMH Super ...

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