JMH SupermarketWest University Place is, in many ways, still a small town...  even though we are surrounded by one of the country's major metropolises.  JMH Market is a part of our small town ambiance, as the following article from the Houston Press demonstrates:

September 18, 1997

JMH Super Market No. 5, 3636 Rice Blvd, 664-0514

"The old neighborhood groceries that once anchored the business distrcts of almost every town in America have mostly been squeezed out of business by convenience stores and monster-marts. JMH Super Market No. 5, tucked unobtrusively in a corner of West U's mellow commercial area, somehow survived the holcaust (though sadly, numbers 1 through 4 bit the dust). It remains unchanged, a relic from a friendlier time, when folks weren't always in a rush and had a moment to spend talking with their neighbors. Hand-lettered signs in the windows advertise the week's specials, and aisles are lined with period shelving stuffed with such un-supermarket necessities as socks and hardware. Remarkably, JMH still lets its regular customers keep charge accounts, which they update at a little apothecary window in a corner of the store. It's enough to melt the rind off the most hardened cynic. And the prices ain't bad, either."

Houston Press

JMH Market has been a local landmark for fifty years, with third and fourth generations of customers.  And many, many of our neighborhood kids (including my own son) found their first jobs here as cashiers and sackers.  Our community of West University Place is lucky to be served by such good, local businesses.

Roger Martin