Rudolph and Celestine Davriek of West University PlaceSeventy years in the City of West U!  Wow!

What a lovely article this is about West U in general and Rudolph and Celestine Davrilek in particular.  This couple has lived in West U for seventy years now - long before most of our trees, houses, streets and other common landmarks were here.

Mr. Davrilek will be a familiar face to many West U residents - he worked at JMH Market for all those years.  JMH is no longer in operation, and has now been replaced by the new Tiny Boxwood restaurant.  However, I well remember how my son, like many other neighborhood kids, would beeline for JMH for an after-school snack.  The caring staff at JMH (including Mr. Davrilek) kept an eye our for our youngsters - and were not above phoning mom and dad if the kids got out-of-line.  It was great to know that our children were part of such a caring community.

Although JMH (and other landmarks) have been replaced, we still remain a warm and friendly neighborhood.  To read this great retrospective on the early history of our city, click here.  The article was written by Monika Kleban and published by the Houston Chronicle.

Roger Martin