West University Elementary School Principal Issues Security WarningOn February 14, 2012, West U Elementary School Principal John Threet posted this warning on the school's website:

"Dear Parents:  This morning a car belonging to one of the Beehive parents was broken into while the parent took her child to class.  The vehicle window was broken and a purse was stolen.  The car was parked on Goode Street right in front of Beehive.  Beehive personnel contacted the City of West University Place Police Department who are investigating this incident.  Just before the Winter Holidays, we reported an increase in these type of crimes in our area.  One of our teachers experienced the same thing when her vehicle window was smashed and her purse stolen at a nearby shopping center.  Please do not leave any valuables, especially your purse, in plain sight when you come into the school or to a store. Take your purse with you.  I was told by a police officer that crooks will watch for women entering schools or shops to see if they are carrying their purse.  If not, the criminal will look to see if it is in the vehicle where it can easily be stolen.  Please also keep a watch out for suspicious vehicles or people during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal.  Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the West University Police Department or the school office.  As I always tell teachers, if it doesn’t like right, it probably isn’t.  If all of us are more alert, we can hopefully serve as a deterrent for anyone attempting any other crime in our community.  Sincerely,J ohn Threet, Principal"

FYI, we business owners along Edloe have also seen the same problem.  In fact, a woman's purse was stolen from our parking lot on Saturday, February 4, 2012.  West U is a wonderful, safe community -- but we musn't let ourselves become complacent.  Be sure to take purses, laptops and cell phones with you when you leave your vehicles.  And thank you, Principal Threet, for your timely warning.

Roger Martin