One of the benefits of living is West University Place is our City's Tree Trust, a source of free trees for local residents.

West University Place is increasingly an oasis of green in the middle of Houston’s paved-over urban environment -- and this is deliberate, not accidental.  Stringent building codes maintain a strict proportion of buildable land to free space.  The result is plenty of room for beautiful lawns and gardens.

Appropriate landscaping not only frames a home visually, it adds to property values as well.  A recent article by EcoBroker International ( provides these pithy quotes:

“Improved landscaping can increase your property value by 7 percent to 10 percent.” – American Nursery & Landscape Association

“Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and can save 20-50 percent in energy used for heating.” – USDA Forest Service.

West University Place is so dedicated to maintaining our green space that a careful inventory has been made of every tree in our parks and public areas.  We have an Urban Forester on staff at the City offices.  Best of all, the West University Tree Trust has been established to replace trees as they age or decline.  And it’s free!

To apply, go to the Tree Trust section of the city website.  These thirty-gallon trees are about ten feet tall and two inches in diameter.  In 2009, the Trust planted 60 to 70 streetside trees in the City of West U.  You can choose one of 23 trees suited to our climate and soil, and you may upgrade to a larger tree in exchange for a small donation.  The trees will be delivered, planted, fertilized, mulched and staked.  (Love that!)  The only catch is that trees from the Tree Trust must be planted in a public right-of-way such as the area between your sidewalk and the street.

Happy Planting!

Roger Martin