Tunes for Teachers, by Susan PaulCongratulations to Susan Paul, teacher extraordinaire, who has just published her first book titled “Tunes for Teachers”!

I first met Susan Paul when my son Christopher was in second grade.  She was then – and still is – one of the most creative people I have ever met.  Among the teachers and parents of West University Elementary School, Susan Paul was known for her ability to create topical ditties and songs on the spur of the moment - and on any topic.  Who else would have made up songs about metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks?  I kid you not.  Now she has published those ditties in her first book "Tunes for Teachers".  Counting her years as a primary teacher at West University Elementary School, Susan Paul has been teaching early childhood students for over thirty years.  In addition to teaching kids, she also teaches teachers.  Susan Paul has spent five years providing professional development to teachers with the Houston Independent School District.  Now she has founded STRIDES Educational Services to serve both teachers and students.  For teachers, Susan offers consulting, coaching, and professional development.  But children (and especially gifted and talented children) remain her heart’s work.  STRIDES serves up storytelling sessions and a private Preschool offering enrichment for four-year-olds.

Susan Paul as the Cat In The Hat, STRIDES Educational Services

And just ask Susan about her birthday parties and tea parties!  Using costumes, props and puppets, Susan brings our favorite children’s stories come to life. These story-book characters entertain the kids while teaching important life lessons.

So well done, Susan Paul - we are proud of you and your accomplishments!

Roger Martin