Surviving in a True Seller's Market

There is an incredibly tight real estate market right now - which is no secret to those of us in the real estate profession.  Because of the financial turmoil of recent years, young people are entering the real estate market faster than builders can supply them with homes.

Be warned that this is definitely a market where sellers can afford to be picky.  You may find yourself competing for scarce listings. So here are some tips for surviving in a tight rental market...

  • Shop a little under your price point.  You may have to bid the property up above list price.
  • Move fast when you spot the place you want - it may not be there tomorrow.
  • If your credit is iffy, clean it up first, and
  • Have your pre-qualification letter ready and filled out.


Having said all that, it is still possible to find the home you love in a sellers market.  So come on in.... the water's fine!

Roger Martin