Cold weather can mean night-time visitors. Call your pest control provider.The onset of our cold snap means some critters may try to get indoors where it is warm.  Here are some helpful pest control hints from Robert Schoppe, of Drop Dead Pest Control....

If you hear night-time noises on these cold nights, do not delay.  Immediate action is required because you probably have unwanted visitors -- such as racoons, feral cats, 'possums, or those "squirrels" (the ones with the hairless tails).  Call your pest control service immediately.  Your service professional can provide humane trapping and removal of these large animal pests.

Ask your pest control service provider about organic products.  Organic products can be as effective as the nasty stuff, and are much healthier for your family.  For more information on organic pest control, check out the National Pest Management Association website at

The way to eliminate offensive or stale odors in your home is surpisingly low-tech.  Just use a Glade "Neutral Air" aerosol spray or deploy some dryer sheets.

Recently, the Houston area has seen a huge increase in bed-bug infestations.  Don't panic  -- but if you suspect you have this problem, call your pest control provider for treatment immediately.

Roger Martin