Lighting, Page 1 CroppedWhen preparing your home for sale, keep in mind these lighting tips, taken from a Ballard Design catalog, include some great suggestions on fitting shades and chandeliers to the furniture and rooms that they illuminate.  For example…

  • Add together the length and width of your room.  If your answer is 24 feet, then a 24 inch chandelier will be perfectly proportioned to the space.
  • Multiply the length and width of the room, and multiply the result by 1.5.  This number is the total wattage you will need to adequately light the room.
  • My personal favorite rule of thumb is that all chandeliers should be at least seven feet from the floor.  This allows tall people (like me!) to pass safely underneath.

A great-looking house is important in today's real estate market, so check out the “How To” section of the Ballard Design website, for more problem-solving decorating tips.

Roger Martin