Hurricane KatrinaThe Texas Association of Realtors held their annual convention in Galveston this year.  Interestingly enough, the dates coincided with Hurricane Ike’s second anniversary.

Given the destruction caused by Hurricane Ike, I am astonished at the improvement in the City of Galveston.  True, a few buildings are still boarded up, and some are gone completely -- but overall, the city looks really great!  In fact, if I hadn’t seen the piles of trash and the blue tarps myself, I wouldn’t believe that a major hurricane had scored a direct hit here.

Galveston (and Houston, as well) are to be doubly congratulated.  It is easy to forget that we took a one-two punch that week.  It was in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike (and over a battery-powered radio to boot!) that I heard of the national subprime mortgage crash.  So our region's recovery (both phyically and economically) is twice as impressive.

Roger Martin