Houston real estate healthiest in nation per Trulia

On December 21, 2012, Jed Colko, Chief Economist with Trulia named Houston the healthiest real estate market in the nation.

Houston earned top marks because we have...

  • Strong job growth (as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  This factor drives housing demand.
  • Low vacancy rates (as determined by the U.S. Postal Service).  Our vacancy rates are low enough to encourage new construction, but not so low that inventory and sales are restrained.
  • And low foreclosure inventory (as determined by RealtyTrac), because foreclosures tend to drag down a recovery.

Based on these three factors, the Houston real estate market is the Number One Healthiest market in the country!  As real estate professionals, we deal with this great market every day.  But it is wonderful to have it confirmed by outside sources.

Roger Martin