Business Insider has named Houston the Best City in America, for these reasons:

  1. Houston is the Number 1 city for job creation in the US;
  2. Houston is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than anywhere except New York;
  3. The Texas Medical Center in Houston hosts the largest concentration of healthcare organizations;
  4. Houston is one of the centers of the oil and gas industry;
  5. Houston's unemployment rate is significantly below the national level;
  6. Houston's port encourages massive international trade;
  7. Houston (or "Space City") is home to NASA;
  8. A paycheck goes farther in Houston than any other major metropolitan area;
  9. Houston is the most ethnically and racially diverse city in the US, surpassing NYC;
  10. Houston has a spectacular range of ethnic cuisines, seafood and barbecue restaurants
  11. The NY Times calls Houston "one of the country's most exciting places to eat."
  12. Housing is more affordable here. Houston did not experience a housing bubble like the rest of the country;
  13. Houston's got more parks than any other top-10 metropolitan area;
  14. Schools such as University of Houston and Rice University mean there are a bunch of smart people here;
  15. Houston is filled with unique, world-class museums and cultural landmarks;
  16. Houston has one of the largest rodeos in the world;
  17. Houston has willing sports teams;
  18. And finally, Houston has BEYONCE!


>Read the full article by Emme Martin and Max Nisen, July 1, 2014

Yes, that's my city. All these factors are contributing a the current strong real estate market here in Houston.

Roger Martin