Randy Guttenberger of Ceros, Inc. speaking to the agents of Roger Martin Properties"What is your best time of the day?" Life Coach Randy Guttenberger asked the agents of Roger Martin Properties. 

Joanna Ide, the former principal at West U Elemenatary, says her best time is the early morning.  Sachin Chawdhry says his best time is the end of the day, when he can have uninterrupted conversation with his daughter. Cynthia Candela, who enjoys dancing in between home sales, says, "I love all times of the day. I jump up every morning, play with my teacup poodle and get ready to work out.  I am grateful for every day." Vicki Chu enjoys her quiet time in the morning.  "That's why I take my time then, before I come to the office," she says. "I like to meditate and plan my day."

"If you don't give your best to yourself, it impacts four relationships," explains Guttenberger. Any emotional reactions or wounds stored in the brain will affect four relationships in your life. 

  • First, with yourself.
  • Second, with your mate.
  • Third, with your children.
  • Fourth, with your co-workers; most with those that have authority over you or that you have authority over.

"When your body language says `I've got this," it pre-sells your product," says Guttenberger. "People are drawn to knowledge.  This will resonate with your clients."

Similarly, he says, "Look at when you are sluggish.  Feed yourself at this time and don't enter any conflicts. Use this time as recess."

Roger Martin Properties Vice President Ann Martin says when she hits that time, she will take a walk around the block.  "I refer to that time as stumble, mumble, fumble and grumble, and it should not be shared," she says. 

"Major in the majors," says Guttengerger.  "You are in the business to succeed.  He likened each person's support circle to a board, similar to the boards that guide companies. 

"You need three types of people on your board.  You need three people who believe in you, three people who tell you what you don't want to hear and three people to open doors and provide resource direction," he says. 

Guttenberger's new book, Managing Your Crazy Self, will be released this summer.