Osaka RestaurantNow for sushi!  My Favorite Asian Restaurant #6 is Osaka (713- 838-9812) at 4001 Bellaire Blvd.  I love these guys. The restaurant is a tiny little place -- basically a sushi bar and maybe six tables -- but it is just DELICIOUS. A friend and I tend to meander in and split about three or four sushi rolls and both leave quite full and content. I recommend the Spider Roll, the Crunch Roll, and the Crazy Roll. They do excellent green tea, and as an added bonus, the meal comes with a small scoop of ice cream in green tea or peach flavoring as a palette cleanser after the meal. I've yet to leave feeling unhappy with my meal, and a nice cup of miso soup, tea, and sushi leaves me warm and mellow for the rest of the evening, normally. Price is quite reasonable, really. I think the main draw is probably the rolls: Sushi on its own outside a combo is tasty, but also kinda pricey...but, eh, that is a more universal sushi thing, so it doesn't really bother me. Believe I generally end up spending about $15ish after tip per person here.

So check out my Favorite Asian Restaurant #6 the next time you are in the mood for sushi.

Christopher Martin

Roger Martin Properties