Crime Scene processed, West U Shooting, 9-26-2016, Photo by Mark Mulligan / Houston ChronicleThis morning, West U had an active shooter at one of our local shopping centers. Thank goodness, those of us with the Code Red service received prompt warnings to shelter in place.

When danger threatens - whether it is a hurricane or another emergency - the residents of West University Place rely our CODERed service. This free service is arguably one of the BEST benefits of living in our great neighborhood. You can choose to be notified by text, email or phone.  There is also a mobile app that will use your GPS location to give you emergency information anywhere in the USA.

The CODERed system has been used to warn the citizens of West University Place to bring their children indoors while dangerous arrests are in progress.  It has also let us know how to dispose of tree litter after a hurricane, and whether the water was drinkable, and when and where ice was available.

Be safe! Every West U resident should  use this NEW LINK to register for West U's CODERed service.

Photo by Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle