Harris County Constable Aaron Rosen says there has been a rash of burglars masquerading as workers in Precinct 1.  Here's how it goes...

"Two or more men park their truck and come to your front door. They are dressed as construction workers, tree trimmers or other outdoor laborers. They say they need access to your back yard to work on a neighbor’s fence or trim a neighbor’s tree or carry out other work that you have not requested. You come out your front door to walk them around the side to your back yard. Or you let them walk through your house to get there. But you didn’t lock the front door or the back door during these distracting actions.

Now you’re in the back yard with one of the men, looking at broken fencing or overgrown trees. Where’s the other man? He may have slipped inside your residence, where he’s taking your jewelry and other valuables before high-tailing it down the street. Then his partner in crime tells you he needs to get drive around to the next block to look at the work assignment from the other side.

But you never see them again. You’ve been fleeced, flim-flammed and tricked out of your very precious items.

Unfortunately this story has played out a few times time recently at single-family homes in Precinct 1. There’s very little information about what they look like. Now that you know, you won’t fall for it. But just to make sure, here are some simple safety steps:

  • Don’t give access to any part of your home to workers you did not expect.
  • Keep your doors locked even when workers you know are around.
  • CenterPoint or other legitimate companies that need access to your back yard may let you know ahead of time and their employees will carry company identification.
  • Check with your neighbors from inside your locked home before allowing anyone onto your property to do work for those neighbors.

Remember, safety starts at home and right behind it. If you encounter such people behaving suspiciously, call 911."