Jerry Built RestaurantOur newest Favorite Burger Joint near West University Place is Jerry Built, at 3501 W Holcombe Blvd (

There has been much mention of their heathy food menu, including organic, natural and locally-sourced food.  Personally, I find the burgers a little dry, but the chili dogs and sweet potato fries are top-rate.  And the milk shakes are to die for!

However, the kid-friendly environment is worth mentioning as well.  The restaurant is sleek and contemporary.  The walls are floor-to ceiling chalkboards, with plenty of chalk provided for young artists.  And when was the last time you saw kids waiting patiently in line to wash their hands????  The automatic hand-washing station is a big hit with the youngsters (and with REALTOR John Marshall, the biggest kid in the room!).

This fun-filled environment, combined with good food and great customer service, is designed to keep us all coming back for more and makes this our Favorite Burger Joint #1.  Good thing they have built another parking lot!

Roger Martin

Roger Martin Properties