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Jane Jurgens began her real estate career selling mountain property in Colorado about thirty-five years ago. Early in her career, she decided that she needed to be better-versed in the mechanics of real estate transactions. She spent several years working as an escrow officer. During that time she immersed herself in the myriad legal details of real estate transfers - from preparing closing documents and settlement statements to interpreting title commitments and policies. This experience has proved invaluable to her, and has made her a more efficient real estate broker.

About twenty years ago Jane Jurgens relocated to Houston, Texas. Since that time, she has worked at Roger Martin Properties, where she and Roger Martin work together as a team. They are both real estate Brokers.

To her clients, Jane Jurgens brings both a thorough knowledge of the Houston housing market and her in-depth understanding of real estate transactions. Her clients walk through their closings with confidence, whether the transfer involves complicated estates, corporate ownership, multifamily tenure, or other challenges. Jane Jurgens brings it all together with self-assurance, accuracy, and clarity.

Jane Jurgens chose Roger Martin Properties over a larger firm because she liked the "boutique" atmosphere. Roger Martin Properties is a full-service company offering unmatched person attention in a quaint, family environment. Our clients feel comfortable with us and come back to visit us often.

Jane Jurgens has two beautiful daughters. Her older daughter has Asperger's Syndrome and Jane is a strong advocate for children and adults with Autism Spectrum disorders. Her clients can be confident that she understands the challenge of finding appropriate schools and other services for their own children.

Jane says, "I love what I do, and I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. The process of bringing people together for one of the largest investments they make in their lifetime is most rewarding to me."

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