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Homes for sale in Southside Place are locate in a tiny - but fiercely independent - neighborhood.  The City of Southside Place is nested inside the City of West U, just as West U and Bellaire are surrounded by the much-larger City of Houston. Children from Southside Place attend the popular West U Elementary School and its feeder schools, but Southside has its own mayor, city council, police, and volunteer fire department. Lots in Southside Place may be a little larger and a little wider than those in the surrounding neighborhood of West University Place. Use this easy one-click search to find homes for sale in the City of Southside Place.

History of Southside Place TX

The City of Southside Place was built on land that was once the Harris County Poor Farm, and the bayou draining the east flank of Southside Place is still known colloquially as Poor Farm Ditch.  Southside Place was originally constructed in 1924 around what is now called Fire Truck Park. With its clubhouse, outdoor pavilion, swimming pool, tennis courts, playing fields and playground, the park is still an important social hub for the neighborhood. The original 1935 fire truck, once available for child play, has now been replaced with a new fire truck play structure.

Life in Southside Place TX

Southside Place residents are loyal to their neighborhood, insisting that they are NOT just a smaller version of West University Place. The neighbors in Southside Place are known for their friendly block parties and progressive dinners. Homes for sale in Southside Place are located in a neighborhood so quiet and bike- and pedestrian-friendly, that kids can play and go to school without crossing any major streets.

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