When NOT to List Your Home

Preparing a home for saleWhile preparing a home for sale, many sellers will miss an important marketing opportunity.  In the rush to sell their homes, some owners will list their properties before the homes are really ready to show. This graph is a real-life case illustrating why moving too fast can actually cost you time in the long run.

Buyer Interest Peaks Fast

Check out the enormous surge of website "hits" when the house first goes on the market.  A full week’s worth of potential buyers view the home on its first available day. You really want to capture those early, motivated shoppers.  Losing them is a huge and costly mistake.

Be Completely Ready Before You "Go Live"

So make sure your home is completely ready to show before you open the doors to the public. You know the drill...  Look critically at your home, the way a potential buyer will.  Little details count when preparing a home for sale.  Finish all construction work and repairs. Store excess furnishings off-site. Spruce up the flower beds. Stage the property (if necessary), and clean it thoroughly.

By preparing a home for sale properly, you will save yourself weeks on the market!

Roger Martin