Care and Feeding of Your Agent - For Home Sellers

Care and Feeding of your Real Estate AgentHome sellers should be aware that the first rule of selling a home is communicating well with your real estate agent.  So, talk to us and let them know what your specific needs are — we thrive on information and each of you is different.

Home sellers, here are some helpful hints while your home is on the market…

  • Please keep your home ready for showing. We try to present your home in the best possible light, but if we walk in with a client and find breakfast dishes on the table and beds unmade, it makes us all look bad.
  • We will ALWAYS call you first to alert you of a showing.  Under no circumstances should you open your home to an un-announced stranger, including agents– this is simply not safe.
  •  If possible, turn the lights on ahead of time for a showing. This allows the showing agent to spend more time discussing your home’s features, rather than searching for elusive switch plates.
  • Please leave the home during a showing.  The potential buyer needs privacy to freely discuss his likes and dislikes.
  • Be very up front about the condition of the property. We are working hard to bring an offer and advance disclosure will keep contract-killing surprises away.
  • Call at appropriate business hours whenever possible.  Use email and text messages as well.  Please remember that we Realtors® have families, too.
  • Most importantly, when a contract does come in, please respond promptly.

We Realtors® really want to help—that’s why we are in the business. So please help us help you.

Roger Martin