Tips For Houston Home Sellers

Our goal as your listing agent is to sell your home...

  • for the best price…
  • in the shortest period of time…
  • and with the least inconvenience to you!

Nationwide, 74% of listings come from past clients and personal contacts.  At Roger Martin Properties, satisfied clients and their friends generate 89% of our listings.  Put our team to work for you!

Preparation Counts

Look at your home objectively. Pretend you are seeing it for the first time, through a buyer’s eyes.  We will be happy to walk through your home with you and help you “set the stage” with suggestions for staging and home repairs.  When these are completed, your home will be professionally photographed.  Remember, we only have one chance to make that great first impression!

Proper Pricing is Critical

Pricing your home correctly can save you thousands of dollars on your family’s largest investment.  If your home is priced too high or too low, it will not be shown to the proper buyers.  Smart pricing ensures that other agents will show your home.  In addition, your sales price must be validated by an appraisal so the buyer can get financing.

Marketing Gives You "Reach"

Specific marketing activities to sell your home begin the moment you sign the Listing Agreement. From installing the “For Sale” sign to internet marketing, we are constantly working to sell your home. Our high-tech marketing plan is designed to expose your home to as many potential purchasers as possible - making them aware of the key selling features and benefits of YOUR home. In order to receive top dollar, you need top exposure. Our proven marketing plan provides you with that top exposure at the local, national and international levels.