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Homes for sale in the Memorial Villages are located in up-scale communities with the distinctive feel of a wooded country retreat. The Memorial Villages are a collection of several small, independent municipalities including Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, Piney Point Village and Hunters Creek Village  Each of the Villages has its own mayor and local government, but they band together to provide police and fire protection. The Memorial Villages are an elite community that pride themselves on peace and tranquility of their neighborhoods. Use this easy one-click search to find homes for sale in ALL the Memorial Villages.

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Schools in the Memorial Villages, Houston TX

Memorial's Spring Branch public schools are known for their academic excellence and exemplary education. For those who attend private schools, The Kinkaid School and Second Baptist School are popular choices.

Life in the Memorial Villages, Houston TX

The Memorial Villages are located adjacent to Houston's Energy Corridor, and this area is home to many energy executives. Homes may be sited on exceptionally large lots and are typically shaded by towering pine trees.  The residents of the Memorial Villages have several options for recreation.  They can use public facilities such as Memorial Park, which features a very popular 2.88 mile jogging trail.  Or they can turn to private recreation facilities, such as the golf course of the nearby Houston Country Club.

Homes for sale in the Memorial Villages are located to take advantage of great choices: either private or public schools and private or public recreation facilities.

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