Houston is Different #1 - It Rains a Lot!

Forget about raking leaves or shoveling snow. In Houston we have rain. Houston is known as the Bayou City and is located on the Gulf Coastal Plain. The city has expanded freely because we are not hemmed in by natural boundaries such as mountains, rivers, or oceans. However, our heavy rains may cause problems when combined with our fairly level topography.

Houston Home Flooding

At times, our flat lands and tropical rains can cause the bayous to overflow. In 2001 after Tropical Storm Allison, the entire city was resurveyed. Every house was assigned to a flood-risk zone. This designation may help you assess the risk of future flooding. Be aware that a flood-prone designation and a history of prior water claims can raise insurance costs. A Houston home buyer will need to verify the flood status of a home before buying it. You and your lender may need a flood elevation certification done by a surveyor to show how high the top of your foundation is above designated flood level.

Let Roger Martin Properties Help You

Your real estate and insurance agent can help you obtain critical elevation information before you buy a home in Houston. These professionals can help you minimize the risks of high water in Houston.

Harris County Flood Education – Check flood zone status of a property.

Houston TranStar Real-Time Traffic Map – Mobile-friendly website for traffic closures.

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