Home Buyers - Care and Feeding of your real estate agentCare and Feeding of Your Agent - For Home Buyers

Home Buyers, the first rule of buying a home is communicating well with your agent.  So talk to us and let us know about your specific needs —we thrive on information and each of you is  different.

Here are some helpful hints while we are hunting for your new home…

  • Please be on time for appointments. Often there is another agent meeting us at the property and even ten minutes late can throw everybody out of schedule.
  • We love your children!  If you are bringing them along on a showing, let us know—it takes just a bit longer so we need to schedule accordingly. Also, please be responsible for their behavior.  Little fingers can sometimes reach into odd little cracks and crevices, and that may not always be safe.
  • Speaking of children, agents have families and friends as well. We can’t always drop what we are doing at a moment’s notice to come show you a house. Don’t get angry if we can’t answer the phone immediately—we may be with our families too!  So call us at appropriate business hours whenever possible.  Email and text messages can help as well.
  • In spite of best efforts, we are not mind readers. Be clear about what you really want and need in a home.  Be equally clear about what you don’t like.  Sing out when something bothers you.
  • Warn us of any cultural preferences.  Don’t think a concern is petty—if it is important to you, it is important to us. For example, a fair number of folks don’t want certain numbers in their address, and that is valid.  It will save us all time if we know that you are uncomfortable with certain things, whether it is the direction a house faces or the placement of a stairway. You are going to live there (not us) and we want you happy.
  • Most importantly, when we finally submit a contract, please be available to respond promptly.

We Realtors® really want to help our home buyers — that’s why we are in the business. So please help us help you.  Just talk to us!

Roger Martin