Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Addenda (Addendum):  An attachment to the Purchase & Sale Agreement.
Agency:  The relationship that a real estate agent has with a client.
Buyer Broker:  An agent who represents the buyer in a transaction.
Comparable Market Anaylsis (CMA):  An opinion of a home’s value.
Comps:  Properties used as” comparables” on a CMA.
Disclosure:  Written communication regarding agency, property condition, etc.
Down Payment:  Initial investment on a home loan.
Earnest Money Deposit:  A good faith deposit provided as consideration when a buyer offers a contract to a seller.
FHA:  A type of loan, government insured financing.
Key box:  MLS electronic key which allows agents access to listed properties.
List (Listing):  When a seller signs an agreement with a broker to market their property.
Listing Agent:  Agent who takes a listing on behalf of the broker.
Lock-box:  Another term for a key box.
Lock-in:  A agreement to secure the interest rate at today’s rate, as in "to lock-in the rate".
Multiple Listing Service (MLS):  An organization that distributes information on properties listed by MLS member brokers.
Property Profile:  An informational/fact sheet about a property on the market.
Purchase and Sale Agreement:  A contract between a buyer and a seller to purchase real property.
Transaction:  A listing sold or the sale of real property.
VA: A government-guaranteed loan available to military veterans.