A practise dummy is "rescued" by The West University Place Fire Department

No, West U’s beloved Scout House is not burning down. This is a fire drill performed by the West University Place Fire Department. A practice dummy is being rescued from inside the smoke-filled building.

The City of West University is an independent municipality, separate from the City of Houston which surrounds it. Here in West U, we have our very own mayor, city council, police department, fire department, ambulance service, recreation facilities and water works.  And they are excellent!  In the West University Place Fire Department, for example, everyone is double-certified to serve on both fire trucks and ambulances.

A minor grease fire in a local restaurant is extinguished by the West University Place Fire DepartmentNow this is the real deal a week later—a minor grease fire at a local restaurant.

We West U residents are justly proud of our policemen and firemen, as I can personally attest. How can I ever forget the out-of-control gas grill, the frantic 911 call, the big red trucks, the screaming sirens, the guys in bright yellow rubber suits, the drawn axes – and the delighted crowd of second grade boys. Best birthday party I ever threw!

One reason for West U’s excellent response time is that all our alarms and emergency calls are handled onsite in the city’s central command center – not by a long distance call center located out-of-state or overseas.  For information about the city’s monitored alarm program (DirectLink) click here.

And kudos to our all conscientious police, fire and EMS people!

Roger Martin