Colonial Park Pool has been re-designed for water-playOur local kids are all raving about the new neighborhood pool complex for West University Place.  Colonial Park Pool, located at 4130 Byron, has been newly-renovated in 2010 as a water-play feature!

When this was the only pool in West University Place all the lap swimmers, swim teams, swim classes, and free-swimmers were forced to compete for space in this one facility.  Not so any more!  The lap swimmers have all moved over to the new West University Place Recreaction Center at 4120 Bellaire Blvd.  This pool has been re-designed as our own enormous waterpark.

The pool is divided into several different areas, each with a different purpose.  A sun-bathing area with in-water lounge chairs separates the shallow end from the deeper water areas.  The shallow end includes a large climbing structure with several small slides and a bunch of water cannons.

Of course one of the deep-end activity areas is your classic diving board.  But in addition to the diving board, there is also a water slide and a climbing wall (shown above).  Another pool is dedicated especially to water sports (water polo or volley ball or basket ball or what have you).  The balls are supplied by the City.  There is also a lily-pad “bridge”.

The much-beloved shady and grassy areas have been preserved for picnicking, including the enormous deck under the live oaks.  Colonial Park also features a giant playground, a pavilion, and two lighted tennis courts.

And the concession stand – well, that’s another great story!

For pool hours and fees, visit the City of West University Place website at  I can't think of a better way to beat the heat!

Roger Martin