West University Elementary SchoolI guess the phrase “Inner City Schools” can’t be used as a put-down anymore – or at least not with respect to West University Elementary School.

For twenty years, Children at Risk, a non-profit research and educational organization, has made it their mission “to serve as the voice for children in the greater Houston area”. This organization seeks to measure our kids’ quality of life – and advocate for effective improvement in those lives. One of their reports an annual analysis and ranking of Houston’s public schools. (For the full report, go to http://www.childrenatrisk.org)

According to Children at Risk, the public schools can be found in two very different places – in the big “comprehensive” suburban schools and in the program-specific Magnet schools of Houston’s inner city.

For example, my office is located directly across the street from West University Elementary School. My son Christopher attended this fine school in the eighties. Back then, West U had the highest concentration of medical professionals of any city in the US. So a Magnet program emphasizing math and science was (and still is!) a perfect fit for this school near the Texas Medical Center.

And a wonderful school it is! In 2010, the children of West U Elementary ranked ninth in the Houston area and thirty-fourth in the state. In 2011, they progressed to fifth in Houston, and thirty-third in Texas. In 2012, they ranked fifth in the city and eighteenth in the state. I congratulate the dedicated teachers, administrators, and parents who make this excellent school a “magnet” to parents moving into the City of West University Place!

Roger Martin

Roger Martin Properties