Finding money on unclaimed funds websites

After a change of address - which of course is what my real estate clients all do - it can be a good idea (and fun!) to check the unclaimed property websites for "found money".  It is all too easy for a utility deposit or a tax refund to be left behind when your address changes.

Check out the Unclaimed Property website of the State of Texas at  I found a surprising amount of missing money among my friends and clients, ranging from 27 cents on up to $1,100.00, maybe more!  I personally found over $100.

The challenge!!! Go to the website and see if you are there. Or your relatives. Or your friends.

A few hints. Be bold. If you lived anywhere in Texas, put that city in and search. I have found funds going back so far I still had hair. There is a link to other states that also retain funds… where did your parents or other relatives live?

Final warning, searching can be addictive! When I find something, I’m sending out emails to friends from college. Hopefully, they will buy lunch next time I see them.

Roger Martin