Construction Jobs Up Across Texas in 2012Good news from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas!  Looks like Texas construction jobs were up in 2012...

Construction employment grew at an annualized 6.7 percernt rate through the first 10 months of the year, making the sector -- which includes residential, commercial and industrial building -- the second-fastest growing in the Texas economy after mining and logging, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data adjusted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  Nationally, construction jobs declined 0.2 percent over the same period.  Nevada, still recovering from a severe housing bust, recorded an 11 percent construction employment drop during the period.

Despite robust growth, Texas construction employment remains 11 percent below its May 2008 peak.  Nationally, it's down 28 percent from the April 2006 peak, at the height of the housing boom.

We can see all of that happening here in West University Place (specifically) and in Houston (generally).  Again, we are bucking the national trends.   I'd say that is a testament to the strength of our local economy!

Roger Martin