Storyteller Entertains Roger Martin PropertiesThe Storytellers Guild?  Liars Contest?  Not our usual venue, certainly.  But at Roger Martin Properties, we stop from time-to-time and get away from the daily grind.  We try to gather together socially once a quarter with our agents, staff and their families.  The Houston Chronicle published this story about one such get-together...

"Always on the lookout for good entertainment for their real estate company's quarterly meetings, Roger and Ann Martin of Roger Martin Properties celebrated the first quarter of 2008 at a fun-filled evening with the Houston Storytellers Guild.

"They began the evening with dinner at Pappas Seafod House and then traveled to the Houston Baptist College campus, where the Houston Storytellers Guild's 20th annual Liars Contest was held.

"Ann said the guild's gatherings are for sharing stories, promoting storytelling and having fun. She said one lady told an elaborate fib about how she helped the author of "Gone With the Wind" name the characters in the novel. Another person, wearing leather gloves and a hardhat, spun a yarn about how to bathe a cat..."

By Jude Patronella, the Houston Chronicle, April 20,2008

And hey -- don't think that we were at the Storytellers Guild picking up helpful hints!  We real estate professionals are trained to disclose, disclose and disclose truthfully once again!

Roger Martin