Southside Offers Small Town AmbianceI was recently interviewed by the Houston Chronicle, which published the following article about Southside Place...

Southside Place is a community of about 430 homes tucked within the bustling Bellaire commercial district. Residents love their 'small town in a bit city' so much, few ever leave.

'It's a tight community in the sense that people move in and they don't move out,' said Roger Martin , owner of Roger Martin Properties. 'It is a lovely small-town community, and residents like the small-town feel.'

'Everybody knows everybody,' Martin said...

In 1924 Southside Place was a soggy, barren field outside the city of Houston. It was without trees, shrubs or anything else to suggest the beginnings of a community.

When developer E.L. Crain established the subdivision, he knew he needed something to sttract people to the area, which at the time was considered the country. In the middle of Southside Place, Crain built a park with a swimming pool.

The opening of Southside Place attracted people who longed for the larger-size lots and the chance to build a home away from the city. They liked the idea of the park and swimming pool, around which many of their community activities were to be centered. These amenities still hold true today and are the main reasons buyers are attracted to Southside Place.

'Residents love the access to the park and that they don't have to go across any major roadways to get there,' Martin said. 'The neighborhood is easily accessible to (Texas) Medical Center and downtown ...'

By Heather Nicholson, the Houston Chronicle

Thank you, Heather, for a great description of Southside Place!

Roger Martin