Roger Martin Trains Youngest AssociateAs a real estate professional, training is always ongoing.  Most of the time, I train a staff of agents.  But recently, I found myself training a young neighborhood boy, as described in the following article from the Houston Chronicle....

October 21, 2007

"Having had a successful career in the Houston real estate industry, Roger Martin, broker/owner of Roger Martin Properties, feels that it is good training to start working in the industry at an early age, and recently guided a young boy in that direction.

"Such a situation occurred when Martin listed a vacant home for lease in a Houston suburb far from his office in West University.

"He installed a lock box so other Realtors could show the property, but because of traveling time it was difficult for him to keep the flier box filed with information about the home.

"So Martin decided to hire a neighborhood kid to keep the box filled with fliers.

"At his first open house Martin met Noah, age 5, and his mom, who lived next door to the listing.

"The three of them held a long discussion of what was require (Noah was to practice his counting skills and put five fliers in the box when it was empty) and a serious discussion of what was forbidden, which was not talking to other Realtors – they were officially “strangers” and besides, that was Martin’s job.

"They settled on $5 a week in wages.  Martin provided Noah with a stack of fliers.  The big thrill was a bundle of official Roger Martin Properties business cards that listed Noah’s job title as 'Marketing Assistant.'

"Happily, Noah performed his job to perfection.  The house was leased, the real estate signs came down, and the new neighbors moved in.  This was a time of transition for Noah.  He lost his first job, but the 'termination' occurred on his first day of kindergarten, so he has been busy furthering his educational goals ever since.'"

By Jude Patronella, the Houston Chronicle

Thank you, Noah!  Math skills and a good work ethic will take you far!

Roger Martin