Working With Cross-Border Clients

An International Move

Rabih Chamseddine, of Sente Mortgage, described his own international background, and the difficulties he faced relocating to the US with nothing but a sack of clothes and $500 in his pocket.

The Internations Group

Internations is an organization dedicated to making life easier for international expats. There are chapters in 30 chapters in the US, and a total of 390 around worldwide.

Houston Association of Realtors International Committee

The HAR International Committee invited Rabih to become a member and advisor.  Using the resources at HAR, it is possible to list and promote properties across international borders.

Houston Realtor Article

Rabih has just published an article in Houston Realtor coaching real estate agents in how to work with international buyers. The process of buying real estate is totally different here, so we must speak slowly and explain all the terminology.

Cash Transactions

Rabih warned that, every country is different, and it is important to understand the laws that govern how funds can be moved across national borders.