Fall is the time for pruning your trees and shrubsIt’s been a long hot summer in Houston! Cooler weather and fall colors are here! Now is a great time to get back into the yard and enjoy gardening and caring for your plants, trees and lawn.  It is time for your fall pruning!

Fall lawn care is important as it gets the grass ready to go dormant during our winter months. This is a good time to fertilize with a product that promotes root growth while combating brown patch and fungal diseases which affect St. Augustine grasses.

Your trees and shrubs will be happy with a “haircut” at this time of the year. Most trees go dormant during the cooler months of the year so this is a good time for pruning old growth and shaping the new growth.  Pruning the lowest branches on the trunk will force growth into the crown, encouraging your tree to grow strong and tall.  Depending on the size and type of tree, at the tree’s maturity, you want to see ten feet of straight trunk, topped by gently arching branches.

We are fortunate to know many good landscaping companies who can lend a hand with questions or perform the work for you. If you would like some help with your fall pruning, please give me a call.

Enjoy the cooler weather!

Roger Martin