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Jan. 13, 2002

Roger Martin - Houston Chronicle Realtor of the Week

Roger Martin - Roger Martin Properties
Roger Martin - Roger Martin Properties 

Roger Martin, of Roger Martin Properties, has been named Realtor of the Week by the Houston Chronicle.  The full text of the article is below...

Martin benefiting from 28 years of experience

By JUDE PATRONELLA, Homes Correspondent

In addition to living in West University Place, real estate broker Roger Martin has been specializing in the sale of homes within its city limits and the close-in neighborhoods of Houston since opening Roger Martin Properties in 1989.

Martin is a native Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. He started his practice as a Realtor in the Austin residential market 28 years ago. After moving to Houston in 1982, Martin worked as a leading sales associate for several large real estate firms before establishing Roger Martin Properties.

His office is in the old Compass Bank building on University Boulevard, across the street from West University Elementary School. He refers to Roger Martin Properties as “a boutique real estate company with seven Realtors and three staff members promoting professional and highly personalized real estate service.”

“Our office serves as a neighborhood center where people can come for information. It is not a standard cubicle office because we wanted people to feel more at home when they visited,” said Martin, who has been active in numerous community and school endeavors.

“In line with the bank building’s architecture, the oak desks and other furniture are Mission style. We are a high-tech company, and when people walk through our antique-brass door we want them to feel comfortable.”

As a subscriber of the latest trends in technology, Martin has developed an in-house publishing department with the capability of providing brochures and photographs of listings for previewing on Multiple Listing Service and virtual tours on the Internet.

Martin maintains a company Web site and links all listings to several other sites on the Internet. Along with the Internet, Martin said his company does “a spread of advertising in newspapers, mail-outs and other publications.”

He also places advertisements on billboards.

Besides West University, Roger Martin Properties’ primary area of market specialization includes residential properties inside Loop 6510 from Bellaire, Southside Place and Upper Kirby to the Museum District, Montrose and River Oaks. The company participates in numerous sales of homes in various areas outside the Loop, including Memorial, Tanglewood and the Uptown District.

Martin has always endorsed the practice of offering a professional and personalized level of service for the benefit of all parties involved in each of his real estate transactions.

He feels that developing a relationship with clients by offering excellent service often brings additional business, and advises members of his company that “it is not the deal, it’s the relationship.”

Many thanks to the Houston Chronicle for the recognition!

Roger Martin

Jan. 11, 2001

Roger Martin - West University Place Real Estate Market

Roger Martin comments on Houston Real Estate MarketRoger Martin, of Roger Martin Properties, was quoted in the following Houston Chronicle article...

Inner Loop Resale Market Strong

January 26, 2001

Convenience and quality of life seem to be the common denominators drawing home buyers to the Inner Loop area.

They are purchasing resale homes of various ages in various conditions in neighborhoods from the more moderately priced Heights area to the more expensive Southampton Place and West University areas.

Roger Martin, owner of Roger Martin Properties, said he has asked some of his customers, and the quality of life and the prospect of not commuting drew them inside the Loop.

'Not just in Houston, but demographically, you are seeing a move back to the center of the city,' he said.

Martin said buyers are looking for more convenience to activities within the Loop, such as the theater, ballet or restaurants...

Martin said the hot areas depend on who you ask. He said many younger buyers are interested in the Montrose area.

'There's been a lot going on in that area,' he said.

West University, River Oaks and Bellaire are doing extremely well.

'West U has been very active in the last year or so,' Martin said. 'Both older homes and homes that are five or 10 year old are selling well. Anything that is fairly priced goes. It is a good market.'"

By Ann Majesty, Houston Chronicle

Thank you to the Houston Chronicle for highlighting West University Place as a great place to live.

Roger Martin



June 7, 1998

Roger Martin - Houston Chronicle Realtor of the Week

Roger Martin of Roger Martin Properties

Many thanks to the Houston Chronicle for naming me REALTOR OF THE WEEK.  The full article is attached below...

Martin matches buyers to properties

By JUDE PATRONELLA, Resource Correspondent

Since establishing Roger Martin Properties in 1989 as a small real estate company promoting professional and personalized service, Roger Martin and his agents have been a success in the areas of West University, Bellaire, Southside Place, as well as the Houston area.

His company signs appear in front of newly constructed and resale homes, and on vacant lots. Many of the Roger Martin Properties’ listings are advertised on billboards facing commuters on San Felipe, Buffalo Speedway and Weslayan streets.

The listings cover a variety of single family homes, townhouses and patio homes in West University, Bellaire, Southside Place and the Houston neighborhoods of Southampton, Braes Heights, River Oaks, the Rice University and Medical Center areas and the Upper Kirby District.

“We are selling our listings as fast as we can get them,” said Martin. “The market is solid across the board, and the Inner-Loop is popular with many people wanting to buy older homes and remodel them or buy new construction.”

The popularity of the three adjoining cities of West University, Bellaire and Southside Place is overwhelming. Martin said that a majority of residents feel they have bought into a small-town atmosphere with separate city services, and easier access to city officials when there is a problem.

He said most residents also enjoy being surrounded by Houston and its outstanding amenities.

“Each city has its own individual flavor, and it is good to have an agent who is familiar with and knowledgeable about the neighborhoods. It’s easy to show potential buyers the borders of the adjoining cities.

“The street signs are white in Southside Place; blue in West University; orange in Bellaire; and green in Houston,” said Martin. “And it’s important to share knowledge about zoning laws, restrictions and other pertinent information.”

Martin emphasizes to sellers that a home in good condition will bring a top price from people who don’t have time to remodel. He said while there are people wanting to find homes to reconstruct, the majority want to buy homes in clean, solid condition.

He advises sellers to get their property in good condition before putting it on the market.

A native Texan and a graduate of the University of Texas, Martin started working in the Austin real estate market in 1974. After moving to Houston in 1982, he worked with several large real estate firms before opening Roger Martin Properties.

Martin and his wife, Ann Ayers Martin, are residents of West Unversity and are active in community affairs. They have worked as sponsors for many activities at West University Elementary School and Pershing Middle School, and next year Ann will serve as chairman of the West University Park Lovers Ball.

With education of great importance to Martin, he takes a special interest in helping improve schools. His interest in education also extends to sharing his real estate knowledge with clients.

“I like to educate buyers and sellers about the market by giving them enough information to be comfortable with their decision,” Martin said. “Statistics are an indicator, not an absolute, which makes real estate both an art and a science. There’s a lot that goes into the decision to buy and sell, and a good agent helps clients sift through information.”

Thank you so much!

Roger Martin

Sept. 18, 1997

JMH Market - Best Neighborhood Grocery

JMH SupermarketWest University Place is, in many ways, still a small town...  even though we are surrounded by one of the country's major metropolises.  JMH Market is a part of our small town ambiance, as the following article from the Houston Press demonstrates:

September 18, 1997

JMH Super Market No. 5, 3636 Rice Blvd, 664-0514

"The old neighborhood groceries that once anchored the business distrcts of almost every town in America have mostly been squeezed out of business by convenience stores and monster-marts. JMH Super Market No. 5, tucked unobtrusively in a corner of West U's mellow commercial area, somehow survived the holcaust (though sadly, numbers 1 through 4 bit the dust). It remains unchanged, a relic from a friendlier time, when folks weren't always in a rush and had a moment to spend talking with their neighbors. Hand-lettered signs in the windows advertise the week's specials, and aisles are lined with period shelving stuffed with such un-supermarket necessities as socks and hardware. Remarkably, JMH still lets its regular customers keep charge accounts, which they update at a little apothecary window in a corner of the store. It's enough to melt the rind off the most hardened cynic. And the prices ain't bad, either."

Houston Press

JMH Market has been a local landmark for fifty years, with third and fourth generations of customers.  And many, many of our neighborhood kids (including my own son) found their first jobs here as cashiers and sackers.  Our community of West University Place is lucky to be served by such good, local businesses.

Roger Martin

May 15, 1996

Roger Martin Honored for Volunteerism by Texas Society of CPA's - by the Village News

Roger Martin - Volunteer of the Year
Roger Martin - Volunteer of the Year


Roger Martin, of Roger Martin Properties, was named Outstanding Volunteer of the Year by the Texas Society of CPA's.  The Village News article is quoted below...

May 15, 1996

Roger and Ann Martin have been a part of West University Elementary School for the past six years.  But they're not students, they are volunteers who have spent countless hours working to improve the quality of education at the school.

The Martins were recently selected as the Houston Chapter of the Texas Society of CPA's volunteer 'Award of Excellence' recipient. They will receive a $500 cash price and a plaque recognizing their outstanding achievements at an awards banquet on May 22, and will be eligible for an award at the state level.

The CPA Society, which is committed to improving the quality and scope of public education, recognizes volunteers who are working to achieve through education and improve the community in which they live.

The Martins, who were nominated for the award by West University Elementary Principal Dr. JoAnna Ide, have donated both time and money to the school over the past several years.

'We came here a kindergarten parents with our son Christopher, and we've been around ever since,' Ann said.

The couple became actively involved with the school when Christopoher was in the first grade, and their involvement has grown ever since.

Roger began working with the Parent Teacher Association, and on the school grounds and buildings.

'When we first started volunteering, the entire school's walls were painted navy blue, and the paint was peeling all over,' Ann said. 'Roger was instrumental in getting those walls painted.'

Roger was also involved in setting up the school's Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC), which acts as an advisory and oversight committee on campus. He helped write the [bylaws] for the committee, which is made up equally of teachers, parents, administrators, and community business people.

He was also involved in the effort to provide exceptional technological opportunities for the students.

'When we started here, the school had 14 older computers,' Ann said, 'and because the school was built during the Depression, there was nowhere near enough wiring to support any number of computers.

'Roger worked to see that the school was rewired, and to help provide the computers the students need in order to have that technolgical advantage.'

The Martins were instrumental in helping West University Elementary secure a $107,000 grant for the Texas Education Agency to prvide a school computer network. Today, the school has a computer lab with 32 high-end Macintosh computers, and each classroom is equipped with at least two computers and one printer. The computers are networked throughout the school, and the school can connect to Tenet (the Texas educational computer network) and the Internet. Roger has also donated five percent of his real estate gross commision to provide computers for the lab.

Ann, a geologist by training, started her volunteering career as a homeroom mother in the PTA, and began working with the school's science teachers on an enrichment program to complement the school's science and math programs.

She has served in many areas of the PTA, including a term as PTA treasurer. As this year's fundraising vice-president, she helped the PTA organize a large multicomponent fundraising event, which included a book fair, a school carnival, and an auction.

Ann was instrumental in providing the school with an Urban Wildlife Center that has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The science teachers had always wanted an area where the students could work on biology experiments, or plant a garden, or simply observe animals and insects, Ann said.

'They had never had a special area, because with so many kids in the school, all the grounds were completely run over, and there was no place where the plants and animals could be protected,' she said. 'So we built a sanctuary, with both sunny and shady areas, where each class has a section, and can plant native flowers and bushes, have bird feeders, and a fish pond, a vegetable garden and a composting bin.'

In addition to helping create the wildlife sanctuary, Ann also helped the math department secure several guest speakers, mostly minorities, to serve as role models for the students.

'The speaker program was important because it's so necessary for these kids to see what's in the real world, and what they can become if they apply themselves and work toward their goals,' she said.

Christopher is graduating this year, but the Martin's involvement at West University Elementary will continue.

Ann has been asked by Dr. Ide to serve on the SDMC as a community representative so she can continue her work at West University Elementary.

'When we came here, this school had a wonder reputation, and it's just gotten better and better over time,' Ann said. "It's great to see a good school grow into a wonderful school, and we're really proud to have been a part of it all."

By Cheryl Heller, Village News


Thank you all so much!

Roger Martin




April 8, 1995

Founding the Rotary Club of West U

Roger Martin, Charter Member, Rotary Club of West U

Roger Martin is a Charter member of the Rotary Club of West U.

For more information about the organization, please see the West U Rotary Club website.