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May 7, 2012

West U Home Prices - Published Statistics Are Misleading

We all want to know how West U home prices are performing, and the Houston Chronicle has recently published their annual neighborhood report for home sales in Houston.  They reported just 52 house sold in West U.  However, a quick search of the Houston MLS shows over 200 closings in West U during 2011.  HUH????  Why are these statistics so misleading?

The problem with the Houston Chronicle statistics is that they are not reporting numbers for the entire City of West University Place, they are reporting only on those sales in the subdivision actually called West University Place. 

West U is divided up into a squadrillion of tiny "subdivisions".  Of course each townhome complex is its own subdivision, as is common throughout Houston proper.  But in West U, the legal subdivision names can change on a street-by-street or block-by-block basis.  The situation is complicated because some of these tiny subdivisions can extend out beyond the city limits.

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of West U subdivisions...  Academy TH, Annapolis Court, Arnold St, Belle Court, Belmont Ave T/H, Bissonnet Place, Brompton Terrace, College Court, Collegeview, Colonial Terrace, Cunningham Terrace, Evanston, Fairhaven, Matthews Place, Montclair, Monticello, Pemberton, Pershing Place, Preston Place, Quenby Court, Tangley Terrace, Rice Court, Sunset Terrace, Virginia Court, West University Place, Westchester Court, Wroxton Court and Wroxton Square.  Apologies if I left anyone's subdivision off the list, but you get the idea!

So to get a feel for the true state of neighborhood sales, you have to sum all those tiny subdivisions together.

My own research shows the following...

  • In 2011, 228 single family homes were sold on the Multiple Listing Service in the two cities of West U and Southside Place.
  • The average price of a home in West U was $924,675 up 6.6% from last year.
  • The average Sales Price per Square Foot was $263.52, up 5% from last year.
  • The average Days on the Market was down to 77, or about two and-a-half weeks faster than last year.
  • On the average, a home in West U sold for 96% of its asking price, roughly unchanged from last year.
  • The cheapest home in West U sold for $275,000 in 2011.  The most expensive sold for $2,758,490.

In conclusion, many of these real estate yardsticks are showing that the West U market has tightened in the last year.  In fact, our supply of listings, currently standing at 160, is too slim for my taste.  West U is a great community, and many people want to live here.  So call us, if you want the inside track on West U home prices!

Roger Martin



May 7, 2012

Ebooks vs Printed Media

Ebooks Vs. Printed MediaRoger and I are avid readers - from a long line of avid readers on both sides of the family.  So I am betting that we are just about the last converts to eBooks.  We even resisted the move to electronic media when our son Christopher brought home a free-trial Nook from the Barnes and Noble where he worked.  However, the change has begun.

The tipping point came by way of our hand-held tablet computers, which we dearly love.  Now I find that eBooks are dangerously habit-forming.  It is only three clicks from a "good read" to its sequel.  It is just too easy to dive back in!

But this technology is not quite there yet, in my opinion.  The trick is that the publishing industry has standardized its formating software with the .PUB file extention, and this is a huge step in the right direction. Basically, this standard format means that all pages display, turn, etc. in the same way across all platforms.

However, the licensing still has not been standardized across the industry.  In other words, an eBook purchased from one vendor will not necessarily display on a device purchased from another.  Rats!  Remember when we couldn't "port" our phone numbers when we changed cell phone companies???  - this software barrier is just as annoying.  Ebook vendors need to learn from Adobe, who made PDF (Portable Document Format) the universal standard when Mac and IBM computers refused to talk to each other.

So, for the time being, we eBook readers will have to have a ton of accounts and/or login codes at different vendors.  Or we need to concentrate our book-shopping at one vendor and ignore the rest.  So here is what I have discovered about the various eBook collections...

  • Google Books - Google lists over three million titles in its eBook collection, with over a half a million of them available at no charge.  I have found, however, that the ability to search and sort is somewhat limited.

  • Barnes and Noble - Barnes and Noble made its mark by re-publishing out-of-copywrite classics.  B&N shows 1,836,790 free eBooks in their system.  They have the abiltiy to search and sort, including the ability to search by category.
  • - Amazon carries 34,913,842 books in English, of which 1,155,723 are available for the Kindle.  This service has advanced search features, including the ability to search by department ("Mysteries").  About 36,000 of the Kindle books are free.

So for now, I am still purchasing both digital and printed books.  It just depends.  And my wish list for the future includes better search-and-sort functions and more portable licenses for the eBook industry.

Ann Martin

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April 30, 2012

Houston Economy 2012 - Energy Leads the Way

Energy Leads the 2012 Houston EconomyThe Houston Economy 2012 is driven by the energy industry, according to Bill Gilmer, an economist from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  The following was excerpted from Energy Leads the Way as Houston Surges in 2012HoustonBusiness, A Perspective on the Houston Economy, Dallas, March 2012.

"Houston put the Great Recession behind it in 2012, growing strongly and returning to the prior peak levels of activity it enjoyed in 2008.  Local growth far outstripped the pace of the U.S expansion by taking advantage of torrid growth in emerging markets.  Exports to China, Brazil and India were important, but more important to Houston was the ability of these developing countries to drive the price of oil.  High crude oil prices and extraordinary changes taking place in drilling technology opened the door for Houston's energy sector to lead the city's growth in 2011...

"Looking forward, we find lower stimulus for Houston in the year ahead and higher risks, but the door remains open to another year of solid local expansion...

"Rapid expansion of emerging countries such as Brazil, China and India is essential to Houston's near-term prospects. First, these countries provide a market for oil services and machinery, petrochemicals, refined products and a variety of nonoil products shipped from the region.  Having surpassed California a decade ago, Texas is the leading export state, and the Gulf Coast is one of the most important exporting regions.  Second, growth in these countries has returned oil and other commodity prices to high levels...

"Drilling has gravitated to oil away from natural gas, technology to horizontal away from vertical, and as a result, revenues for service companies are much higher than the recovery of the rig count might indicate.  The key to sustaining the current level of activity and revenues is a high oil price...  The [downstream] petrochemical industry has been revitalized by low natural gas prices.

"Houston can count on only limited economic stimulus from the U.S. economy in 2012, as the nation continues to make significant repairs in the wake of the Great Recession.  Consensus forecasts such as the Blue Chip place 2012 U.S. GDP growth at less than 2.5 percent, slowly accelerating to 2.7 percent by early 2013.  Continued strong growth in Houston must come from rapid growth abroad or from energy.

"The four pillars of Houston's economy have traditionally been aerospace, medicine, and upstream and downstream oil.  For the present, aerospace has been sidelined by the end of the shuttle program, continued layoffs in the Clear Lake area and uncertainty about the future for manned space flight.  Construction at the Texas Medical Center has come to a halt as we wait for rules to clarify health care reform.  Hence, energy has been the key driver of economic activity for Houston in 2012 and will likely continue that role in 2012..."


April 27, 2012

New Website at Roger Martin Properties!

New Website at Roger Martin PropertiesWe have a new website at Roger Martin Properties, with an all new look - and function!  The new site is clean and colorful.  In addition, it is hugely interactive and chock full of photos, features, and "flags" for things such as open house dates and time.

The information on the website is linked live to the Houston Association of Realtors and the Houston Multiple Listing Service.  With updates every few hours, the data is always current – never stale.  All data is provided by licensed real estate professionals, is subject to legal and ethical standards, and is highly reliable.

We have set up several pre-configured searches for you.  If you don’t know where else to start, try the “Search Houston Greater Metropolitan Area” search.  Each neighborhood and/or community is identified on the map by a green oval.  Hover over the oval, and you will see real estate statistics for that neighborhood (for example, Average Sales Price).  Click on the oval to “drill down” and see actual listings.

Once you have searched around a bit, a pop-up screen will offer you the chance to create a login.  Doing so will allow you to save your searches.  Your information is always confidential and private.  We do not sell or share our clients’ information in any way whatsoever.

So check out the new website at Roger Martin Properties - and enjoy!

Roger Martin

April 27, 2012

Julie Webber - Welcome to Roger Martin Properties!

Julie Webber, Sales Associate with Roger Martin PropertiesI am thrilled to welcome Julie Webber to Roger Martin Properties.  Julie brings with her a wealth of creativity and enthusiasm, and is a welcome addition to our team.

Julie was raised in Fort Worth.  She has made her home in Houston for over two decades.  She is a current resident of West University and a former resident of the River Oaks area.  Julie has real estate expertise inside the loop as well as in Tanglewood and Memorial.  When not showing properties, Julie enjoys writing for Clever Confidante, her blog on style with a heavy emphasis on interior design.  Julie Webber also enjoys sports, traveling and spending time with her two sons, Drew and Mitchell.

So welcome to Roger Martin Properties, Julie Webber!  We look forward to working with you.  And I am sure our clients will receive Unmatched Personal Attention from you!

Roger Martin



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April 16, 2012

Houston Housing Market - Inner Loop Strength

Houston Real Estate Market - Inner Loop StrengthThe Houston housing market has been showing exceptional strength in our inner loop neighborhoods, according to Tanya Rutledge, of the Houston Chronicle.

"The Houston-area housing market is strongest inside Loop 610 - even if no one is yet ready to call it great.

"People aren't writing multiple offers on hoods of cars at night by flashlight or anything like that, but the pace is quickening," said Ralph Atkinson, a broker/associate with Greenwood King Properties who does a large portion of his work inside the Loop...

"While there is some sense of urgency among buyers inside the Loop - where the median home price per square foot increased 0.4 percent to $171.70 between 2010 and 2011, according to the latest Crawford Realty Advisors real estate analysis commissioned by the Houston Chronicle - it has not completely shifted to a seller's market.

"Data compiled by Crawford Realty indicate the Inner Loop market accounted for 5.7 percent of home sales in the greater Houston area last year.

"'If a property is well-priced, realistically priced, it is selling, 'Atkinson said. 'Some people have flights of fancy on prices no matter what the market, but with a drop in inventory recently, the market is in very good shape.'

"In the West University Place subdivision inside that enclave city, the median price per square foot increased 2.8 percent in 2011 to $284.48. Sales activity in the 1201-home neighborhood stayed fairly steady, with 52 sales in 2011, compared with 59 in 2010..."


April 3, 2012

Fun in West University Place - Our Parks and Recreation Facilities

West University Place Parks and Recreation FacilitesIn West U, we LOVE our parks!  The City of West U says it best:  our city parks are Your Key to FUN in West University Place!

  1.  Judson Park, at 4201 Judson, has lighted tennis courts, playground equipment, a picnic deck, and a concrete walking path.

  2. Colonial Park, at 4130 Byron, has a family-oriented, zero-depth swimming pool with water play features and lounges for sun-bathing.  The park also features a sand volleyball court, a concession stand, a large party deck, a multi-purpose party room, two lighted tennis courts, a playground, a pavilion, and a concrete walking/jogging track.

  3. Wier Park, at 3012 Nottingham, has playground equipment, picnic tables, two lighted tennis courts, and a basketball court.

  4. Whitt Johnson Park, at 6540 Wakeforest, has playground equipment, a gazebo, picnic facilities, and lighted basketball courts.

  5. The Youth Athletic Fields, at West U Elementary School, have four lighted baseball fields, three lighted softball fields, and three soccer fields.

  6. Friends Park, at 3771 Rice, is designed specifically as a passive park.  The park enjoys a lush landscape with ample seating, several seating arbors, a paved walkway, and a clock tower.

  7. The Community Center and Senior Center, at 610 Auden, is the location of various recreation classes and programs.  There are rooms for parties and gatherings available for rental.  The library is operated by Harris County.

  8. The Scout House, at 6108 Edloe, adjoins the West U Elementary playing fields, and is primarily a scout meeting place during the week.  It is available for party rentals on the weekends.

  9. Huffington Park, at 6204 College, has playground equipment, a shade arbor, game tables, and picnic tables.

  10. The Recreation Center, at 4210 Bellaire, has a heated, indoor fitness and instructional pool.  This pool is where swim teams and adults swim their laps.  There are racquet ball and squash courts, and rooms full of cardio and weight equipment.  Exercise classes are held here, as well as leisure classes for children and adults.  Classes range from chess to cheerleading to computers, and include gymnastics, ballet, tap dancing, yoga, and more. There is a walking/jogging trail, a children’s playground, and athletic fields.

  11. Liberty Hill, atCollege at Northwestern, is the gateway entrance to the neighborhood, featuring a large sculpture titled Children at Play.

Some of these parks date to the founding of West U – others have been lovingly developed in recent years.  But whatever your recreation choice, there is a park or recreation facility here for everyone to have fun in West U!

Roger Martin


March 31, 2012

Jo Anna Ide - HAR Top Producer 1st Quarter 2012

JoAnna Ide, Sales Associate with Roger Martin PropertiesContratulations to Jo Anna Ide!  The Houston Association of Realtors has named Jo Anna a Top Producer for the first quarter of 2012.  Jo Anna is a Broker Associate at Roger Martin Properties, and she is recognized for her work with home sellers.

Well done, Jo Anna Ide!

Roger Martin


March 30, 2012

3502 Gramercy St - SOLD in Braeswood Place

3502 Gramercy is a traditional red brick home located on a large, cul-de-sac lot in Braes Heights.  The home was custom-built in 1994 and updated in 2010.

Property Information

  • Sold For: $770,000
  • House Size: 3,482 sq ft
  • Lot Size: 6,318 sq ft
  • Bedrooms: 4 or 5
  • Bathrooms: 4.5
  • MLS #36232974


  • Full garage apartment
  • Granite countertops and brushed nickel hardware in kitchen.
  • Mature live oak trees
  • Dog run and putting green

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Feb. 18, 2012

West University Elementary Principal Issues Warning

West University Elementary School Principal Issues Security WarningOn February 14, 2012, West U Elementary School Principal John Threet posted this warning on the school's website:

"Dear Parents:  This morning a car belonging to one of the Beehive parents was broken into while the parent took her child to class.  The vehicle window was broken and a purse was stolen.  The car was parked on Goode Street right in front of Beehive.  Beehive personnel contacted the City of West University Place Police Department who are investigating this incident.  Just before the Winter Holidays, we reported an increase in these type of crimes in our area.  One of our teachers experienced the same thing when her vehicle window was smashed and her purse stolen at a nearby shopping center.  Please do not leave any valuables, especially your purse, in plain sight when you come into the school or to a store. Take your purse with you.  I was told by a police officer that crooks will watch for women entering schools or shops to see if they are carrying their purse.  If not, the criminal will look to see if it is in the vehicle where it can easily be stolen.  Please also keep a watch out for suspicious vehicles or people during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal.  Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the West University Police Department or the school office.  As I always tell teachers, if it doesn’t like right, it probably isn’t.  If all of us are more alert, we can hopefully serve as a deterrent for anyone attempting any other crime in our community.  Sincerely,J ohn Threet, Principal"

FYI, we business owners along Edloe have also seen the same problem.  In fact, a woman's purse was stolen from our parking lot on Saturday, February 4, 2012.  West U is a wonderful, safe community -- but we musn't let ourselves become complacent.  Be sure to take purses, laptops and cell phones with you when you leave your vehicles.  And thank you, Principal Threet, for your timely warning.

Roger Martin