Houston Top Ten Technology CityHouston has been named one of the Top Ten Up-and Coming Tech Cities by Forbes.com, based on the work of the Houston Technology Center.  Here is an excerpt from the recent article...

... Houston hasn't exactly earned a reputation as a city teeming with techies.  But that's changing. 'Fifteen years ago, we had all the assets, but we weren't really developing them,' says Walter Ulrich, chief executive of the Houston Technology Center, the state's largest technology incubator. 'So all the leaders of Houston got together and recognized that the city needed to diversify its economy. There's been this tremendous transition.'

Houston's strategy: Smash different discoveries together. To wit: Houston's itRobotics, founded in 2002, has developed new cost-cutting robots that inspect a variety of boilers and energy pipelines for structural flaws.

Other Houston start-ups are commercializing technologies originally developed at local research institutions. Nanospectra Biosciences, a local drug delivery company, is working on a nano-scale particle (pioneered at Rice Univerisyt) that destroys cancerous tumors. The particles are injected in the bloodstream and accumulate inside cancerous tumors. When the tumor is exposed to a laser, the particles absorb the near-infrared light and convert it into thermal energy, destroying the tumor...

William Pentland, Forbes.com, March 10, 2008

The Houston Technology Center is based in the Woodlands, and (according to their website) "provides education, insight, and access to capital that entrepreneurs need to move towards the path to commercialization."

To read the entire Forbes article, click here.  To learn more about the Houston Technology Center, click here.

Roger Martin