Open House Jewelry Thief Caught!WE GOT HIM! The Open House Jewelry Thief has been caught.

This update is just in from the Houston Association of Realtors.

"Don't Mess with HAR REALTORS!

We have just received official confirmation that the open house jewelry thief has been arrested in Dallas. He reportedly had four outstanding warrants, including two in Dallas, one in Garland and one in West University Place. It was only with the combined effort and involvement of our members and law enforcement that we were able to identify him, which ultimately contributed to his arrest. This just goes to show you the strength of the REALTOR® community"

Thank you to all the vigilant members of the real estate profession who helped to identify and track this thief.  Special thanks also to Matt Burrus, Chief Communications Officer with the Houston Association of Realtors.  Matt coordinated information among the many real estate assocations and police departments involved.

I am glad that our Open House Jewel Thief has been caught.  He is a repeat offender, and I personally find his story to be very, very sad.  But he must not be allowed to prey on our innocent clients.  Not on my watch!

Stay safe, everyone!

Roger Martin

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