New Website at Roger Martin PropertiesWe have a new website at Roger Martin Properties, with an all new look - and function!  The new site is clean and colorful.  In addition, it is hugely interactive and chock full of photos, features, and "flags" for things such as open house dates and time.

The information on the website is linked live to the Houston Association of Realtors and the Houston Multiple Listing Service.  With updates every few hours, the data is always current – never stale.  All data is provided by licensed real estate professionals, is subject to legal and ethical standards, and is highly reliable.

We have set up several pre-configured searches for you.  If you don’t know where else to start, try the “Search Houston Greater Metropolitan Area” search.  Each neighborhood and/or community is identified on the map by a green oval.  Hover over the oval, and you will see real estate statistics for that neighborhood (for example, Average Sales Price).  Click on the oval to “drill down” and see actual listings.

Once you have searched around a bit, a pop-up screen will offer you the chance to create a login.  Doing so will allow you to save your searches.  Your information is always confidential and private.  We do not sell or share our clients’ information in any way whatsoever.

So check out the new website at Roger Martin Properties - and enjoy!

Roger Martin