Neighborhood BurglaryOur inner city communities are well-policed and secure... Most of the time.  But it is important for us all to maintain a neighborhood watch on the homes in our communities.This photo, taken from TV Channel 13 on Saturday, shows a police officer at the scene of a local burglary. A friend of ours (another real estate agent) was leaving her home in Sunset Terrace to come to our office.  She never got here, because she stopped to report this burglary in progress at her neighbor’s house.

This is the second time that that particular home has been burgled this year, and there have been other similar incidents in the neighborhoods fringing West U.  The officers told our friend that an organized gang is responsible for these crimes.  The gang members ring the front doorbell – if no one answers, they jump the fence and kick in the back door.  So far, no one has been injured, but one gang member was caught on camera carrying a gun.

The customary safety of our neighborhoods can lull us all into a false sense of security.  Complacency is dangerous, so please be vigilant.  Call the police if you notice anything at all out of the ordinary.  They can piece together small clues (the color of a car, a partial license plate, a general make and model, etc) from multiple sources to make a coherent picture.

In addition to keeping a neighborhood watch, it is also a great idea to register on the City of West U’s website for their Code Red emergency notification program.  The City will notify you by email, phone or text if there is something dangerous happening in West U.  This security service is HANDS DOWN one of the best benefits of living in West U.

Stay safe!

Roger Martin