has named Houston the Most Affordable Place to Live has ranked Houston the Most Affordable Place to Live Well in the entire United States.  Check out this article...

November 6, 2007

One of the country's fastest-growing cities, Houston has added nearly 1 million new people since 2000.  Housing affordability and a strong job market seem enought ot lure people from all over the country. The city has invested millions over the last five years in expanding infrastructure by adding trains, bolstering the downtown business district and funding the arts, whihc has helped to centralize -- to an extent--the city, which has always been more famous for sprawl and oil  It also helps that on an everyday cost basis, among the cities we studied, Houston is the cheapest place to live."

By Matt Woolsey,

Houston has many sterling qualities, and it is nice to be recognized for them!  To read the full article, click here.

Roger Martin