Mindfulness Training at Roger Martin Properties

The Workshop

This workshop is a practical introduction to the exercise of mindfulness. Mindfulness enhances daily life by resting the mind on an object, recognizing and letting go of thoughts, and cultivating a warm, open heart toward ourselves and others.

So, what is meditation?  How can meditation enhance focus, and what other benefits can it provide?  And what is the best way to get started?  

Dr. Claire Villarreal, of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism, will begin with basic definitions and instructions. She will then lead the group in two simple, guided meditations: the first to enhance focus and the second to begin cultivating lasting mindfulness and compassion.  The presentation will take about 45 minutes, after which Claire will answer questions from the group. Tea and spring rolls will follow.  Attendees are eligible for online follow-up resources.


No, we do NOT have to sit on the floor – chairs are fine!  Beginners and experienced practitioners are all welcome.

Dr Clair Villareal, of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism

The Speaker

Claire Villarreal, of Fort Worth, Texas, received her PhD in Religious Studies from Rice University.  She is a long-time practitioner who has studied extensively with teachers in Asia and the West.  Claire has taught mindfulness at Dawn Mountain, the Rothko Chapel, the Jung Center, and in churches around Ft. Worth.  She will join the Dawn Mountain staff as program manager following her post-doctoral travels to India and a retreat to her cabin in the Hill Country.


Join the agents, clients and friends of Roger Martin Properties on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 4:00 pm. Please RSVP to 713-661-2300 if attending.