Meals on Wheels - Pet Food for SeniorsOne of our Realtors at Roger Martin Properties actively supports senior and their pets through the Meals on Wheels program, as was reported in this recent Houston Chronicle article...

Upon learning that many elderly people in need of assistance from Meals on Wheels had to share food with their pets, the Houston Jewish Community Center started a donations drive to feed the pets... and Realtor Christie Rogers joined in to help.

'I can imagine the burden that elderly people face with the cost of buying food and the task of carrying heavy bags of pet food home from grocery stores.  It is very sad to think that these caring people are not getting the full benefit of their meals if they are having to share them,' said Rogers, a sales associate with Roger Martin Properties.

She began volunteering in the drive by posting information about the need for donations on the Southgate Homeowners Association web site bulletin board, asking for donation of pet food from her neighbors.  Rogers also collected donations from Realtors and staff members at Roger Martin Properties.

Within 10 days, Rogers collected 300 pounds of pet food.  She said Meals on Wheels will deliver pet food along with the meals for people and pets who are in need of this assistance.  Rogers sid she will continue to collect for this worthy cause and Roger Martin Properties will be joining her in the endeavor.

Rogers also has worked for a number of years in the search for missing pets and finding foster homes for animals.  When someone has a lost pet, she immediately passes information about the animal to her network of real estate professionals in the neighborhoods where the pet is missing, and post it on the neighborhood web sites.

'We're out in our cars all day, like a cab driver and we can keep an eye out for the missing pet, note the neighborhood it is in and inform the owner,' said Rogers, who recently helped one of her clients find their dog that had been missing for two weeks.

Jude Patronella, Houston Chronicle, September 2, 2007

Well done, Christi, for your work with Meals on Wheels!

Roger Martin