Louie the Lost DogWe are looking for Louie who went missing on the afternoon of Sunday, August 28, 2011.  The City of West University Place always does an excellent job of finding and returning missing animals in our city, but Louis has apparently escaped them this time.

Louis is a German Shorthair/Labrador mix.  He has the pointed nose, short hair, and slim arched tail of the pointer side of his family.  He has the black coloring and flop ears of his Labrador relatives. Louis is ten years old - his snout is entirely white, almost back to his eyes.  He has white on his chest, and a touch of white on his paws.  Louis is a neutered male, medium in size, VERY friendly, and all his shots were updated on 6/9/2011.  He is the most intelligent dog we have ever owned, and full of mischief.  This little Houdini has managed to squirm his way out of every collar or harness we have ever strapped on him. Then he goes to town taking the collars off of other dogs.

Louis went missing from Mercer Street, in the City of West University Place. Our yard backs up to Poor Farm Ditch, which in turn feeds into Braes Bayou. If he went south, it is possible that he could go quite a distance along the banks of the bayous – which would also keep him away from traffic and major intersections.

Clearly, Louis is too old to meet the usual criteria for a cute, adoptable young animal.  So if you see a lost dog matching this description, PLEASE call me at 713-661-2300.


Roger Martin