Kathleen JurgensCongratulations to Kathleen Jurgens!

All of us at Roger Martin Properties are justly proud of Kathleen Jurgens, who has just graduated from Lamar High School. During her high school career, Kathleen raised rabbits for the FFA program.  This summer, she is working for Easter Seals. Kathleen plans to attend Houston Community College in the fall, majoring in Education with the goal of teaching disabled children and adults.

Kathleen Jurgens calls herself "an Aspie" (i.e. a person with Aspergers Syndrome).  Like her mentor Dr. Temple Grandin, Kathleen has done a stellar job in coping with the difficulties inherent in this neurological syndrome. In fact, she has served as a representative on several Autism/Aspergers panel discussions and conferences.  Her words and advice have brought comfort and hope to other families struggling with condition.

Well done, Kathleen Jurgens! It is a joy to watch you maturing and achieving your independence.  We are so proud of you!

Ann and Roger Martin

Roger Martin Properties