Despite Houston's vast size, we really pulled together as a community during the Hurricane Ike recovery.  It was a neighbor-helping-neighbor effort, and I am proud of my city.  We real estate professionals did our best to help as well - I personally coordinated the cleanup for about ten of my clients, who were out of town.  Here is a report from the Houston Chronicle....

September 28, 2008

People Pull Together Throughout City During Tough Times

Real Estate Industry Reaches Out to Help With Recovery After Hurricane Ike

"Once again professionals working in all phases of the Houston real estate industry are going full speed to provide clients with all types of volunteer service to help in the recover from Hurrican Ike ... just as they did after Tropical Storm Allison.

"... Roger Martin, broker/owner of Roger Martin Properties, said his office on Edloe is high and dry.  He said the phones are working and they have high-speed Internet access, WiFi, television, air conditioning, cold drinks and hot coffee.

"'We are warned during this recover period to use only reputable contractors to fix and clean our properties,' Martin said. 'Over the years, I have used many such workers, and I am happy to share contact numbers. For example, if you have suffered structural damage, I know several reputable engineers.'"

By Jude Patronella, the Houston Chronicle

Houston, we showed our best face to the world during the Hurricane Ike Recovery.  And I am proud to have been a part of that.

Roger Martin