Houston Shopping Best In NationAlright, it’s official! Houston shopping is the best in the nation!  I guess that means that we Houstonians are the biggest Shopaholics in the USA!

Forbes.com has just ranked all the major metropolitan areas in the country for their retail savvy, and Houston topped the list.  Surprisingly, hot spots such as New York and San Francisco fell to the bottom of the list.

The ranking is based on amount of retail space, number of major malls, the Consumer Price Index, and the sales tax for each city.  In fact, a fourth of the retail shopping space in the US is located in Texas.  Here in Houston, we have a LOT of shopping space (both mega-malls and boutiques) and a relatively LOW tax rate.  The combination pushed us to first place.

To read the full story by Meghan Casserly of Forbes.com, click here. 

I am pleased to learn that Houston shopping opportunities lead the nation.  Yes, we Houstonians DO love to shop.  But the larger lesson is this... thanks to the strength of the Houston economy, we not only have plenty of retail choices, but we actually have the green stuff to go to the mall when we want to. 

Congratulations, Houston!

Roger Martin