First Time Home Buyer AssistanceOf course there has been much press coverage about the expired federal first time home buyer assistance program.  But did you know that the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs has two STATE programs still in effect????

  • Their first program gives downpayment assistance and low-rate loans, and

  • Their second program (my personal favorite!) provides a tax credit of up to $2,000 per year over the life of the mortgage.

There are also special programs for persons and places affected by our recent hurricane, although the window of opportunity for that program is closing soon.  In any case, go to for more information.

Be aware that to qualify for first time home buyer assistance, the home, the loan, and the buyer must all meet stringent program qualifications.  This process takes time and effort, and may extend the length of time necessary to purchase a home.  The help of a really good real estate professional comes in handy when jumping through all these extra hoops!

Actually, one of us here at Roger Martin Properties has personally qualified for the tax credit program, so I can honestly state that we are in a position to advise on first time home buyer assistance programs.

Call us if we can help.

Roger Martin